Ever wish you had a manager for your composing career?
Would you hire one for $100 a month?

The sad truth is, whether you’ve hired a manager or not, you need to do the work yourself, otherwise strangely enough, no one will take you or what you do seriously.

But the industry is changing so fast, you risk wasting precious time, money and effort by doing the wrong things - so what’s a composer to do?

Well, I’m now offering a special innovative service that is 100% private, off-the-grid and behind the scenes. Imagine doing all the right things, and no one will know that you’ve got someone helping you - except that all of a sudden things will start to mysteriously shift forward.

I’ve helped hundreds of composers just like you - always mixing things up, trying new things, working on behalf of their careers so that they can get ahead. Helping composers is my passion, and I do it well.

What is your passion? Tell me! Whether you are an industry professional or just starting out, I am here for you! Tell me your goals, your dreams, what you always wish you could do with your music. There are ALWAYS solutions. Just because you can’t think of them doesn’t mean they aren’t there! I will be truthful and direct, and you will never ever ever be discouraged -

Thank you for reading this far - I wish you all the best, for always!


Note 1: Yes, the fee for this service is $100 a month. Consider the rotten samples you've purchased, the crazy tuition money for online classes, or your trip out to LA without having met a single industry professional, and all of a sudden, $100 a month hardly seems like a bad deal to finally make things move forward!

Note 2: Did I mention I’m well-connected with lots of good folks in the industry? Yeah. Let's do this!

Note 3: And now there’s free access to my best webinar on how to meet directors when you come onboard, yes yes!



Do you also take a percentage of whatever composer's fee I make?
No, never.

Why are you charging so little?
Ultimately you are the one who is going to find the work. I just show you when, why and how to do it. I think very quickly, so it's hardly any time for me.

Can you get me work?
No. You will get the work yourself - and I will be the one to lead you down exactly the right path so that you can get the work you're looking for in the most efficient manner.

Do I have to be in LA for you to take me on?
Absolutely not. In fact, the industry is changing to the point where you do not have to be located in LA. If you are already there, then great - but it is not a necessity. I have many clients now from all over the world.

Is there anyone you won’t take on?
If someone has an overly caustic personality, or who is very set in their ways, then it's not going to work. I'm looking for a particular personality, someone who will work well with a director.

Can I drop the service and then get back on again?
If there is good reason, of course.

How discreet will you be?
I will be completely and totally discreet. As it is, I have done my work this way for years.

How will you be in touch?
At first there will be a half-hour face-to-face conversation online, but that should happen before you officially sign up. After that, our primary form of communication will be emails.

Are there any ground rules?
I have only two: 1) each task must be tackled one at a time, and 2) the tasks must be done in the order that I think is best for you. So let's say you want to reach out to a director before you've got your tracks sounding good, then that's not going to work - this arrangement really is ultimately about what is best for you.

Can I meet you face-to-face sometimes?
Absolutely, yes, but more within a social context. I love hanging out with people, getting to learn more about them!

What is your experience and background with doing this?
I've helped more than two-hundred composers find their way in the film music industry - I've been doing this for over twenty years. My mentors include John Corigliano and Elliot Goldenthal. My former students are my best inside resources in the industry - they are my eyes and ears! I also have a doctorate in music composition from Yale.

Can you help me with my composing too?
I can, but there will be limits within a management scheme such as this one. We could always arrange a lesson time if need be.

You say you have contacts, how would they help me?
My contacts will never get you work. NO ONE will get you work. But yes, I have loads of contacts who can truly help you, whenever you need the help. Oftentimes the most a composer can do is delegate.

How are payments made?
Via PayPal - the installments are automatically deducted from your account.

I think I’m too old for this business - is that true?
It's no longer so important how old you are! What matters is that you have a strong online presence - one that does the work for you - and I can help you with that.

I think I don't have enough experience - can you still help me?
Absolutely, yes - that is what I am here for, to help you!

What if I'm a game composer/songwriter/performer?
I can help you too. Just reach out!

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