Ever wish you had a manager for your composing career?
Would you hire one for $100 a month?

The sad truth is, whether you’ve hired a manager or not, you need to do the work yourself, otherwise strangely enough, no one will take you or what you do seriously.

But the industry is changing so fast, you risk wasting precious time, money and effort by doing the wrong things - so what’s a composer to do?

Well, I’m now offering a special innovative service that is 100% private, off-the-grid and behind the scenes. Imagine doing all the right things, and no one will know that you’ve got someone helping you - except that all of a sudden things will start to mysteriously shift forward.

I’ve helped hundreds of composers just like you - always mixing things up, trying new things, working on behalf of their careers so that they can get ahead. Helping composers is my passion, and I do it well.

What is your passion? Tell me! Whether you are an industry professional or just starting out, I am here for you! Tell me your goals, your dreams, what you always wish you could do with your music. There are ALWAYS solutions. Just because you can’t think of them doesn’t mean they aren’t there! I will be truthful and direct, and you will never ever ever be discouraged -

Thank you for reading this far - I wish you all the best, for always!


Note 1: Yes, the fee for this service is $100 a month. Consider the rotten samples you've purchased, the crazy tuition money for online classes, or your trip out to LA without having met a single industry professional, and all of a sudden, $100 a month hardly seems like a bad deal to finally make things move forward!

Note 2: Did I mention I’m well-connected with lots of good folks in the industry? Yeah. Let's do this!


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