As a champion on behalf of film composers around the world, Deniz Hughes first developed a cult-like following at New York University’s Scoring for Film and Multimedia program, where she personally fostered the careers of over a hundred students, some to unprecedented acclaim. A Fulbright scholar, she earned her doctorate from Yale in music composition, and studied closely with the greats of American music, including John Corigliano and Virgil Thomson. Her music has been featured in film (Pokemon, The First Movie), television (commercials with Super Bowl airings), award-winning theater productions (off-Broadway and at the Shakespeare Theatre) and for dance (at the American Dance Festival). As an orchestrator she has worked with Elliot Goldenthal (on several films including Interview with the Vampire, A Time to Kill, Michael Collins). She has lectured on film music extensively throughout the United States and abroad - at institutions such as the Royal College of Music, Bristol University, Rutgers University, Carleton College and Yale University. She has also taught at Lehman College consistently on behalf of their distinguished professor of music, John Corigliano, for well over twenty years.

Through her Facebook group For Film Composers Only with Deniz Hughes - with over 5000 members - Deniz is an outspoken advocate for composers who are challenged in the industry due to gender and racial issues. She also has many instructional webinars, each one tackling a special topic having to do with pursuing a career within the film music industry, including those with Hollywood film music attorney Steve Winogradsky, and the founder of GameSoundCon, Brian Schmidt.


EACH composer cited BELOW has worked extensively with Deniz
one-on-one on all aspects of film scoring AT THE very START OF THEIR CAREERS